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InfoTrac College Edition

10 Key Advantages of InfoTrac College Edition

  1. Content is academically-based and reliable.
  2. Free of advertising.
  3. Available all day, everyday.
  4. Provides full-length articles which can be printed or emailed.
  5. Saves time.
  6. Fully supported.
  7. Supports ANY course.
  8. Can replace expensive readers or newspaper subscriptions.
  9. Updated DAILY.
  10. FREE!

1. Content is academically-based and reliable! InfoTrac College Edition® is rich, diverse, cross-disciplinary, and, most important, reliable. Comprised of full-length articles (not abstracts) from hundreds of top sources (such as TIME and Newsweek magazines), all of it "fenced off" from the rest of the Web in a discrete ICE database accessible via a passcode provided to students with their textbook.

2. Free of advertising! Students won't get distracted by spinning logos and flashing banners. With so much of Web content being underwritten by advertising dollars, instructors are rightfully uncomfortable endorsing sites (and by implication, the site's advertisers). The free four-month ICE subscription provided to students with the purchase of a new text allows students access to powerful resources without the flurry of advertisements typical of most Websites.

3. Available all day, everyday! InfoTrac College Edition® is delivered online. ICE provides an online component for professors who wish to extend their courses and upgrade student use of online resources, providing a continuously, changing, dynamic value to customers through daily updating. (Note: Students spend the most hours online of any group (4.9 hours/day) and, according to a recent UCLA study, over 82% of freshmen use the Internet to do research or homework.)

4. Provides full-length articles which can be printed or emailed! Forget working
with abstracts (article summaries). InfoTrac College Edition® provides students access to full-length articles which can be printed and/or emailed.

5. Saves time! InfoTrac College Edition® users can quickly research topics and ideas. The outstanding indexing of its database (the primary service embedded behind the scenes) allows users to employ simple keyword searches to quickly and efficiently search across hundreds of sources, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. Fully supported! InfoTrac College Edition® services are supported both technically and as a new teaching resource. Technical support is provided to users via email directly from Gale Group (the providers of ICE) and all requests for assistance are at the same time routed through the Marketing Services Group in Belmont to be sure nothing slips through the cracks.

7. Supports ANY course! The interdisciplinary nature of InfoTrac College Edition® content provides opportunities for students to use the resources of ICE for ANY course…or for personal interest!!

8. Can replace expensive readers or newspaper subscriptions! InfoTrac College Edition® has been successfully positioned to replace annual editions, diverse readers, and expensive student subscriptions of newspapers and magazines.

9. Updated DAILY! InfoTrac College Edition® provides dynamic content, updated daily, to ensure users are searching the most up-to-date content.

10. And...ICE is FREE! InfoTrac College Edition® adds real, ongoing, course diverse value to students with a four month free subscription that can be bundled with a South-Western , Brooks/Cole or Wadsworth textbook from Cengage Learning.