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User Comments

What Are Students And Professors Saying About InfoTrac College Edition®?

"As a Sport Management University student, I am forever doing research on current topics in athletics. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have used your website to do 90% of my research. With scholary journals and current magazine articles I am able to get the most up-to-date information available on the web. Infotrac has helped me maintain a high grade point average with current information and proper writing techniques. Thank you very much."
Chris Gray (student)

"My college experience has been much enhanced by the resources I have found within the Infotrac Online Library. The professional and scientific journal list is extensive enough to enable a complete literature review of a most topics. I find the system easy to use and invaluable to my studies in the field of social work. I can't believe I stumbled upon such a great find in the packaging of a text book! Infotrac has worked out great for me and my needs as a graduate student, and I highly recommend this tool for college students at any level of their studies."
Lianne Willey (student)

"I have mainly used InfoTrac College Edition® for research of various topics (Homelessness, Welfare Reforrm, Mental Illness, etc.) for which I have had Graduate School assignments. The full-text articles are a great help and invaluable time-savers."
DJ Schrag (student)

"Thank you! I have just completed a well-received presentation in class using InfoTrac-supplied sources only. I was able to synthesize viewpoints and data from several sources and really made my classmates think deeply about the topic I had chosen. I most definitely told the class of this positive experience recommending it as a resource and reminded the Professor afterwards. His repeated comment, that was some good information you presented, the class applauded when I completed the talk and I was able to field some insightful questions as a result of the research I was able to do on InfoTrac College Edition®."
Thomas Johanson (student)

"I personally use InfoTrac College Edition® for my own research, saving myself countless hours at the library or with other electronic searches which provide article abstracts only. Having the full text available allows me to decide its value for my purposes; I can print out or delete as needed. E.g., I teach a course in domestic violence and found very little literature on parricide and on elder abuse. InfoTrac gave me more than enough to create good lectures on both topics. For student use, I encourage their using the account for the same purposes I do, with more assurance that what they get is "good" stuff--which may or may not be true of many internet sources."
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Emporia State University