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InfoTrac College Edition

100 Commonly Misspelled Words

absence   explanation   persuade
accept   fallacy   persuasion
achieve   familiar   philosophy
acquire   fascination   politician
advertisement   favorite   precede
a lot   feminine   prejudice
analysis   foreign   primitive
anonymous   frequent   privilege
appreciate   fulfill   prominent
argument   government   psychology
assistance   grateful   publicly
attention   guarantee   query
attitude   height   quiet
beautiful   humorous   recommend
becoming   hypocrite   remember
beginning   identity   restaurant
benefit   influence   rhythm
candidate   interpret   scene
challenge   irresistible   seize
committee   judgment   separate
criticism   knowledge   sincerely
decision   label   special
dependent   library   specimen
disappear   license   stereotype
disappoint   loneliness   success
discipline   maneuver   synonymous
discuss   meant   technique
environment   miniature   tendency
equipment   noticeable   thorough
excellent   occur   tomorrow
existence   opinion   unique
experience   opportunity   useful

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From The Sundance Reader, Third Edition, Web Site by Mark Connelly.