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  1. Use a comma with and, or, yet, but, so to join two sentences:
    She walked home, and Monet took a bus.
  2. Set off long introductory phrases and clauses with a comma:
    After the team lost the game, we went home.
  3. Use commas to set off absolutes:
    Built for speed, the car was streamlined.
  4. Set off non-restrictive clauses that add extra information:
    Lee, who wants to lose weight, should exercise.
  5. Add commas to prevent reader confusion:
    When I eat, my cat gets hungry.
    When I eat my cat gets hungry.
  6. Set off quotations with commas:
    He said, "Let's go."
  7. Use commas to separate city and state, day and month:
    He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 5, 1978.
  8. Set off parenthetical elements in commas:
    Our teacher, Ms. Jones, is a television commentator.
  9. Place commas between elements in a series:
    We brought soda, candy, and crackers.

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From The Sundance Reader, Third Edition, Web Site by Mark Connelly.