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Commonly Confused Words

Accept to take Please accept my apology.
Except but, to exclude Everyone except Tom is going.
Adapt to change We will adapt the Japanese plan to fit our needs.
Adopt to accept They want to adopt a child.
Affect to change Will this affect my grade?
Effect the result What effect did the drug have?
Any one a person, item Any one of those computers will work.
Anyone anybody Is anyone driving to the mall?
Bare naked, simple In winter the trees are bare.
Bear animal, to endure A polar bear is white.
    You must bear a great burden.
Cite to note You must cite outside sources.
Site location He is at the building site.
Sight a view, ability to see The sight from the tower is awesome.
Conscience moral sensibility Your conscience may bother you.
Conscious awake, aware Are you conscious of our losses?
Complement to complete These tools complement the set.
Compliment   praise I wish to compliment you for your efforts.
Continual now and again There are continual blizzards in winter.
Continuous uninterrupted Divers need a continuous oxygen supply.
Disinterested impartial This dispute must be settled by disinterested parties.
Uninterested bored Uninterested
Everyday ordinary We used an everyday car battery.
Every day daily I run three miles every day.
Farther distance The town is two miles farther on.
Further additional We need further information.
Hear to listen Can you hear the radio?
Here location Put the radio over here.
Imply to suggest His speeches imply a policy change.
Infer to interpret We infer from his speeches that a change is coming.
Its possessive of it The car won't start; its battery is dead.
It's "it is" It's going to rain.
Know to understand I know how to drive.
No negative There are no parking places.
Loose not tight My belt is too loose.
Lose to misplace Don't lose your keys.
Passed completed I passed the test.
Past history That happened in the past.
Precede to go before A lecture will precede the film.
Procede go forward Tell the marching band to procede.
Principal main, school head Coffee is the principal product of Brazil.
Principle basic law The principles of geometry are complex.
Than comparison I am taller than Bill.
Then time We then headed to the game.
Their possessive Did you see their new car?
There location Put it over there.
They're "they are" Look, they're here!
To preposition/verb Lets walk to school to get exercise
Too in excess That is too much to pay!
Two a number There are two in a pair.
Weather climate Will bad weather cancel the parade?
Whether choice Whether you go to college or not, you
    need math skills.
Who's "who is" Who's going to the game?
Whose possessive Whose car is parked in the driveway?

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From The Sundance Reader, Third Edition, Web Site by Mark Connelly.