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InfoTrac College Edition

100 Essay Topics

public schools   homelessness   illiteracy
computers   job interviews   single motherhood
eating disorders   sex education   being a victim
role models   the internet   car insurance
job security   the glass ceiling   affirmative action
blind dates   movies   drunk driving
"outing" of gays   owning a business   being fired
America in 21st century   plea bargaining   date rape
domestic violence   work ethic   fads
working teens   success   talk shows
prisons   people you admire   depression
child abuse   religion today   cults
gun ownership   dieting   entrepreneurship
interracial dating   drinking age   cigarettes as drugs
conspiracy theories   worst jobs   stereotypes
mandatory drug testing   women bosses   role of single fathers
life in other countries   graffiti   law enforcement
local news broadcasts   best/worst teacher   shopping malls
gay rights   AIDS education   gangs
new stadium   baseball   video games
acid rain   downtown parking   the service sector
summer jobs   women in combat   Social Security
first apartment   a trip abroad   abortion policies
best friends   right to die   legalized gambling
terrorism   daycare   foreign aid
images of women   bilingual education   child support
the deficit   free speech   elections
Hollywood   being "in"   immigration
car repairs   married priests   life after death
consumer protection   chemical dependency   NATO
adoption   jealousy   labor unions
global economy   working from home   world hunger
birth control   pensions   workaholics
    family values    

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From The Sundance Reader, Third Edition, Web Site by Mark Connelly.