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Technical Support

Please review our list of common questions below . If you do not see an answer to your question here, feel free to Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InfoTrac College Edition?
InfoTrac College Edition is an Online Research and Learning Center with over 15 million full-text articles from over 5000 journals. Covering a broad spectrum of disciplines and topics, this online library is ideal for every type of research. Also included is InfoWrite, a web-based training tool designed to help develop writing skills. Professors and students can gain access to the online database 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week, on any computer with Internet access.

How do I get a passcode for InfoTrac College Edition?
A free four-month subscription to InfoTrac College Edition is packaged free with any new Cengage Learning textbook.

Can I renew my subscription?
No. We cannot renew or sell individual subscriptions at this time.

How do I search for articles?
Searching for articles in the database is very easy. There are three ways to search: by subject, keyword, or advanced search. The subject and keyword searches are for broad searches and the advanced search is for a focused search (such as by title, author, date, journal, etc.). There is also a Limit Search function that allows you to limit your search to the date, journal, or keyword. After finding articles, you can print or email them.

What if I have problems logging in?
If you have problems registering or logging in with your passcode, please contact us.

What is PowerTrac?
PowerTrac is one of the old search functions that InfoTrac College Edition used until the database was updated in July 2003. If you have assignments that indicate that you need to search for articles with PowerTrac, you can use the Advanced Search, which performs the same way. Although we modified the search functions, all the content remained the same.

What is InfoWrite?
InfoWrite is a complete writing tool that assists students through difficult areas of research writing, such as choosing a topic, composing introductions and conclusions, and crediting sources. Also included is a Critical Thinking section.