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InfoTrac College Edition

Classroom Tips

InfoTrac College Edition® is an excellent tool to introduce students to researching subjects. You can use it to prepare lectures and outside assignments or to build a reader from the database for your discipline. Students will appreciate the ease of online research, especially when writing papers, preparing class presentations, or researching a key topic. Some suggestions on how to incorporate InfoTrac College Edition® in your classroom follow.

Writing AssignmentsWriting Assignments

Provide a topic to your students to research in InfoTrac College Edition® . Have them choose one article that interests them and have them write a thesis on that specific article and construct an outline. Point students to InfoTrac College Edition® as an excellent reference and information source when preparing their term papers.

Study Questions
Study Questions

Prepare a list of study questions on a lecture topic and have the students research and answer them using InfoTrac College Edition®. Have students explore answers to the end-of-chapter study questions of the book using InfoTrac College Edition®.

Reading AssignmentsReading Assignments

Select specific articles and assign them to your students for further reading. Use as a vehicle for critical thinking.

Classroom ActivitiesClassroom Activities

Divide the classroom into groups and provide them with a topic to research and discuss for the next class. Have each group present their discoveries and summary of that topic. Set up classroom debates by providing a subject and assigning students to research a pro or con stance to discuss in class.